Special Educational Needs

Our Inclusion team consists of:

  • Inclusion leader/SENCO
  • Inclusion leader/Pupil Premium and behaviour
  • Inclusion/SEN teacher
  • SENCO support teacher (2 days).

This team supports our teachers and teaching assistants as they meet the needs of children who have been identified as needing additional support, including those with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND), those in receipt of pupil premium funding, pupils with English as an additional language (EAL) and the more able, gifted or talented.

Children are given targeted levels of work according their individual needs and the Inclusion Leader can coordinate additional support through the use of provision mapping. By providing for the needs of every child at the school, our aim is to give everyone the best possible opportunity to develop to their full potential, to make a difference and achieve excellence.

At Town Farm we have a Disability Equality Scheme and an Accessibility Plan, which help us to prepare for the additional needs of any child, parent, staff member or visitor who may require assistance.

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Local Offer 17-18 15 March 2018
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SEND Policy 2017 06 March 2018
Wave 1 provision at Town Farm 2018 06 March 2018
Wave 2 - 3 provision table 2018 06 March 2018
What are the symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder info 06 March 2018