Town Farm has been on a long and at times challenging journey over the last few years to improve this school for our families, we were delighted that Ofsted recognised this when they visited at the end of January. Ofsted's inspection framework has changed several times since the school was last inspected in 2011, each time raising the bar. To retain our 'Good' this time is a measure of the improvements made to the school over the past couple of years, the hard work and dedication shown by all our Staff and Governors, and of course, the commitment of our families and children. Thank you all. We are well on our way towards being an Outstanding provider.

Some of the highlights from the section 8 report:

‘The school is a safe and cohesive learning environment.’

‘Children make strong progress and, by the time they leave, achieve standards that exceed those of other pupils nationally.’

‘Pupils are proud of the school and enjoy learning in it.’

‘Teachers plan interesting lessons and activities.’

‘Teachers are supported well by professionally trained teaching assistants.’

‘Pupils with special educational needs or disability are supported successfully in class so that they do not fall too far behind.’

‘Pupils come from a diverse range of households. They learn and play together happily.’

The full report is below

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Files Last Updated
Ofsted Interim Assessment 2014 22 February 2016
Ofsted Report 2011 13 April 2015
Ofsted Section 8 report 2016 22 February 2016